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We review all the web building platforms you need to make your online presence a success. Domain names, hosting, website builders. Choose from the best.

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Why Best10?

We have our own independent editorial team, giving you objective reviews and comparisons.

We write thorough reviews into features, pricing, pros and cons, and give each site our Best10 Score.

Get regular updates as we monitor online business resources, testing and reviewing all brands, not just the "usual suspects".

Helping You Succeed...

Whether you're starting out with a new online venture, or you've decided to take your business online, there's a lot to think about. Firstly domain names and hosting. You've found your perfect domain name, but where's the best place to buy it from? And what about where to host? Who has the best deals, and who is the most reliable?

Then onto building your website. What level of technical skills do you have (or do you want)? There are a host of website building platforms out there, all with different levels of features and functionality, and different pricing. And they're all geared to different levels of technical capability - from drag-and-drop through to custom coding.

Web building platforms can also vary depending on what kind of site you are looking to build. ecommerce or blog, different platforms cater to each one differently.

"Rest assured that have done our homework, and we're here to help you grow your online business..."

Once you have your website live, there are many ways you may want to market it. Search engine marketing (SEM), for example through Google Ads, Instagram or Facebook. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), to drive as much natural (free) customers to your door. Optimization and Analytics (for example Hotjar, Google Analytics) to help you maximize the effectiveness of your online presence.

So where does Best10 come in?

Setting up your business or online presence is difficult. We know because we've done it. Our aim is to make things easier for you. Here, we cover the majority of the tools you're going to need to grow your business. We provide you with honest and complete reviews of everything, so you can make better choices about which web building platform, domain host or training courses are best suited to your needs.

COVID 19 has brought the future forward. More and more people are turning to the internet to fulfil their needs. The high street is dwindling, and businesses - now more than ever - need to master their online presence if they are to succeed. The very fact that you are reading this shows that you have already taken the first steps. We want to make sure you continue to succeed.

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